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Friday, 29 June 2012

{Monthly favourites June 2012}

Monthly favourite June 2012


Oh, so sad to see June fade away.. I almost feel like I missed this month but when thinking of what I actually did, it sure wasn't wasted; my sister got married! and I passed my final exams before my dissertation. I am now living in my future and not always having something behind me keeping me at bay.

Since my sister's wedding, I find myself looking for the perfect pretty party wedges. Usually, they are more everyday styles with too summer-y fabrics and prints to my taste. I generally like my footwear more on the classic side. But I think that these YSL Rive Gauche gold wedges with the mary jane-feel to them are perhaps just what I am looking for.
But dear me, aren't these DSQUARED2 boots just amazing? I love the bow detail on the heel and the red lining. Oh, and the new blue colour for the ACNE Cypress is also quite lust-worthy. I would wear these shoes to everything on this page, and what's already in my actual wardrobe.

I guess one of the key colours in the fall will be this rusty, wine, oxblod, red-ish colour...The Burberry gown is spectacular. But perhaps the Miu Miu dress is more wearable, and there's the bow detail too.
However, I am most fond of the D&G print dress. So pin-up but still summer and fun. You should really go and check out the close-ups, because this pinned version doesn't give it justice.

What beautiful additons to my imaginary closet, no? I read on Tumblr a statement saying
I wish I could download clothes illegally
and I cannot say that I don't know the feeling!

Wishing you all a wonderful end of June and a spectacular start at July..

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