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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monthly Favourites {January}

Monthly Favourite "January 12"

Hi guys, as I mentioned back in December, I have decided to do change my Weekly Favourites to a monthly feature in stead. It is rather time consuming going through many webshops each week so I have narrowed it down to the shops I visited the most in the first place and then just once a month. 
This will hopefully also give room for more diverse posts in stead of just these favourites of mine.

Anyways, it seems as if I really have become a French chic kinda girl because labels like Miu Miu, Vionnet and Lanvin just echoes my name all over every time. Add a little Scandinavian Edge and it is my dream wardrobe.

I am quite infatuated with the embroidered book clutches by Olympia Le Tan and the one with Shakespeare's collected works is a bibliophile's idea of fashion heaven! Unfortunately, the Shakespeare one is already sold-out but there are several cute and awesome ones like Lolita, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Dangerous Liasons. 

This past weekend, we had snow for the first time this winter but oh, how I long for spring and bold colours.. I may actually buy that Acne skirt just because of the beautiful colour. Also, I would like classic items in more unusual colours so this would be ideal.

And for kicks, the Stine Goya & Sophie Bille Brahe gold Horse ring and the Miu Miu cherry sandals. So cute...

Well, that's all from me now - back to homework (classes start tomorrow!) and see you soon.

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