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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Royal Copenhagen

Yesterday, I found this wonderful catalogue from Royal Copenhagen. It is really beautiful and I like the setup and presentation (and interpretation) of their works. I collect the Mega Fluted in blue myself and swoon over Flora Danica. But the prices are in the stratosfere and a few light years away from my limits.
Recently, I have begun to love their Easter collections with the eggs and plates. So pretty and feminine.
What's your favourites? I have a thing for yellow on service and china - I like colour when I eat.. *smile*

My favourite page is this one. I like the mixture of old and modern in a very stylish way and I think it sums up what Royal Copenhagen is all about.

And this is my dream: to set the table both at parties and in the daily life so nonchalant with the Mega Fluted and the complimentary pieces from the other series. They work well together most of the designs.
The small food goodies on this picture is called 'smushi'. Smørrebrød (open rye bread sandwich - a special Danish delicacy) + sushi. The point being that the traditional smørrebrød is often too big to try several diffent tastes so The Royal Café in Copenhagen (next to the main store on Strøget) has created these little yummies in the sushi style. Smaller and you can order more different than with the normal sizes. They look so delicious! 
The Royal Café They also have a café in Japan (its the main export market of their services)

Imagine inviting your friend for tea like this...

And of course, the wonderful and beautiful and magnifiscent Flora Danica. Oh well, one can still dream right?

The Easter collection's presentation. Pretty, huh?
This is the design presentaion of the Zodiac sign figurines originally desgined by Christel Marrott back in the 1970s.
They have become instant classics and last year they started to produce the male equivalent and they are so beautiful. I have one (Leo) and everyone I know has these on their wish lists for weddings, birthdays and the like. This is a bad scan unfourtunately, but you should check them out. Crisp and clean, and would fit into the very Scanidinavian Chic style of decor. On the website you also get a little astrological info on the signs.

For more info on the various pieces and services, please go to Royal Copenhagen 

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