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Monday, 5 September 2011

1950s Danish Vintage Fashion Photography

A third installment of my vintage magazines from mostly the 1950s. This time, I will consentrate on the fashion inspirations. They are so gorgeous, just you guys wait and see. So funny to think that these are the designs and looks that my grandmother aspired to when she was at my age. These looks somehow never go out of fashion - at least not in my opinion. I will always favour a New Look over a Kate Moss-look despite the crinched waists and probably dying of heat! At least I'll know I did it in style..

I mean, I would positively die to wear a evening coat like the Balenciaga on the right. Oh my Lord!

And I don't think that you can be better or more stylish looking than this lady. Wuaw!

How cool is this purse? It is created to be tied around your wrist so you still can use your hands - stylishly clever!

Tomorrow, I will show you the illustrated fashion inspirations that were in the magazines. Three words for you: To. Die. For!


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